Bringing a Stroller Apple Picking

Tis the season for apple picking, which is a great family activity! My husband and I recently took our toddler apple picking in a college town of upstate New York. The state university in the area is my alma mater and it is my favorite place to go apple picking. stroller

This year was my daughter’s first apple-picking experience; a momentous occasion. Granted, my husband and I did the grunt work (i.e. really picking the apples) but she still seemed to have fun. I have never picked apples in such warm weather; normally I treat myself to a cup of the local, farm-brewed hot apple cider to warm myself off, but this year all I wanted was cold water to cool myself down.

We slathered suntan lotion on our daughter and made her wear a hat to keep the sun out of her eyes. I am really glad that we brought our Valco Baby Tri Mode EX since the storage space allowed us to carry all of her supplies and some of ours. I packed a cooler filled with fresh fruit, pretzels, and ice cold water for the three of us. After taking turns pushing the stroller through the apple orchards, my husband and I were very glad to have the refreshments!

Our Valco Baby stroller made apple picking an activity that the whole family could enjoy.

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Bundling Up Your Baby Stroller For Autumn

I love taking my baby out for walks. Spring and summer were perfect seasons for these long walks where I can tell my little guy about the world and feel like he’s really making a connection with it. By the time these strolls to the local green market or through the park are over he is always in full on nap mode. Frankly, I have come to rely on those times pushing his baby stroller to get him to nap.

So the coming bite of autumn cold is something I am not really prepared for. I am getting ready to bundle my baby up so that our time outside doesn’t have to end so soon. Sure as the winter sets in this habit is not going to keep going. But with the milder cold of the fall I think I can still share my love of the outdoors with my little boy.

With a few extra layers and some cozy thick blankets I think my baby will be able to withstand the next few months of outdoor activity. I’ve gotten him gloves a hat and an adorable scarf as well. With him in his baby stroller snuggled under those layers he may take even longer naps.

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Strollers and Pizza Dates

I love this season; it is the perfect walking weather. It is not too hot or buggy outside, so I can strap my daughter into her stroller and take her to the playground in the afternoon. stroller

Although I ostensibly do this to allow her to interact with her friends and other peers, I also use this time as my own social hour. I met my now-best friend in a Lamaze class when we were both pregnant; our children were born two weeks apart, so they have been friends practically since birth. Luckily for my friend and me, they get along marvelously well, which enables the two of us to interact on a regular basis.

We have a standing Friday tradition: first a play date at the park and then a dinner date at our favorite pizzeria.  We each have a Valco Baby stroller, which allows to pack all the essentials for our day out on the town. We will pack a picnic lunch; generally, we divvy up who brings what. For example, one week, I will bring the kids food and drinks and she will bring food and beverages for us, or vice versa. After lunch, we let the kids play for a while, and then we head off to dinner.

Our strollers allow us to easily transport our children and take full advantage of this lovely autumn weather.

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A Baby Stroller to Keep Up with Fall Activities

best strollersDespite the warm summer weather, sometimes it was simply too hot out to go for leisurely stroll with my baby. I’ve always found that spring and fall are the best seasons for outdoor activities. With fall upon us (the season’s official start is in a few days), now I want to do all the fun outdoor adventures like apple and pumpkin picking and hayrides with my entire family.

I need a baby stroller that can keep up. The Valco Baby Tri Mode Ex is just such a stroller. It can handle rough terrain, i.e. the muddy covered trails of local farms. The full coverage canopy blocks out the sun and wind.

Naturally, I need plenty of storage space for all the apples I will be picking –one peck just isn’t enough for all the apple pies I plan on baking this season. Lightweight wheels give my precious baby a smooth ride the entire trip.

Although my baby might not be able to help me find the biggest pumpkin in the patch, at least I know she’ll be safe and comfortable in the stroller while my husband and I do all the laborious work. Autumn will be over in the blink of an eye, so my family and I need to take advantage of these perfect baby stroller days.

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Bring a Baby Stroller When You Go Back-To-School Shopping

Back-to-school shopping can be utter mayhem. I recently had to go school shopping for my two ledest children and the store was a madhouse! I had my youngest child with me, but luckily I had her safely strapped into her Valco Baby stroller. stroller

She was the most protected from the confusion and crowds; her feet were not in danger of getting trampled! I had not intended to take her with us on this excursion, but my husband got called into work so I put her in her car seat and her stroller in the trunk.

The great thing about this lightweight stroller is that it has the same sturdy features as a heavier stroller; ample storage space, excellent maneuverability, etc. The extra storage space enabled me to pack some of her favorite toys so that she could entertain herself if we took longer than expected (which we did). I also carried a cooler that contained snacks, so she had something to munch on if she got hungry while we shopped.

These may sound like extreme measures for an afternoon errand, but there is only one office supply store in our town and it services the entire school district; over the years I have learned to contingency plan and pack.

The stroller kept my baby safe and happy while we got all of our last minute school-supply shopping done.

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Twin Strollers are Great for Expanding Famillies

Twin strollers are necessities for anyone with small children. They enable twins or young siblings to ride conveniently together. twin strollers

A twin stroller is an appropriate purchase to make when you are pregnant with your second child or have recently birthed a new baby. When I got pregnant with my second child, my husband and I chose to purchase a Valco Baby Tri Mode EX Twin stroller. We love the stroller because it offers each child individual amenities. Each kid has his own seat, canopy and recline function. This way, if one is tired and wants to nap but his brother is wide awake and wants to play with a toy, they both get what they want.

The stroller is really easy to push, offers a very smooth ride, and is only 29 inches wide, so I may maneuver it anywhere! It includes a rain cover, head hugger, tire pump, front bumper, and an adjustable handle. The one-touch recline feature is perfect for an infant or toddler and adapts from a completely reclined position to a fully upright position.

When I had a second child the number of materials I needed to accommodate my offspring did not double; it quadrupled! The extra storage pocket on the back of the canopy is removable, so I store in it what I will need when we arrive at our destination, and then take the pouch with me. The large basket holds a diaper bag, extra clothes, snacks, toys etc., and I put any miscellaneous items in the side storage compartments.

My Valco Baby Twin Stroller enables me to travel with both of my children and honor their individual preferences.

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A Lightweight Stroller is the Perfect Size for Both My Child and Me

When I was in fifth grade, I was the third tallest person in my class. By high school graduation, I was the fourth smallest. stroller

Obviously, I am petite. So, when I had children, I naturally gravitated towards lightweight strollers. Granted, every parent needs the heavyweight, heavy-duty stroller, but I found that a well made lightweight stroller, such as the Valco Baby lightweight stroller, is as effective as their heavier counterparts, but far easier for me to carry and maneuver.

This stroller is so manageable that I am able to carry it up and down flights of stairs, even with my child sitting in it. It is also very compact; it easily fits into the trunks of taxis and other vehicles and takes up little room in our closet.  The stroller’s storage basket provides ample room for keeping snacks, toys, the diaper bag, etc.

The  lightweight stroller can also be folded onto itself and rolled around, with either the handles or a wrist strap for you to use to guide it. This is great for me, when my little one wants to get out and stretch her legs; the stroller is not at all cumbersome to navigate.

I like the independence the lightweight stroller affords me. I can lift, carry, and tote it on my own.

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Jogging Strollers Fun For You And Your Baby!

For a while there I was fairly skeptical about my ability to push my baby in her stroller while I jogged. Her mom was off at work but I did not want to let that ruin my consistent jogging schedule. I was prepping for a charity marathon and simply did not want to let myself go like so many of my old running buddies, due to new fatherhood. The key to making this all work was to invest in a jogging stroller.

As soon as the jogging stroller I ordered arrived I knew both me and our daughter were in for a treat. I would be able to keep up my very healthy and consistent jogging schedule and she would be able to enjoy the rush of moving quickly through the local park. I had some slight nerves about how moving fast might make her feel but in the end it seemed to actually be a lot of fun for her. In a way I suppose it was not dissimilar to me playfully tossing her around as I had become increasingly comfortable and confident doing. The jogging stroller was a really great idea for our family. I even managed to push it around in one of my many charity races!

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Baby Strollers for My Daughter

When my daughter was younger, she loved to emulate me. If she was not helping me with her baby brother, she would be tending to her baby dolls like I tended to him. She would feed her doll while I fed her brother, and then we would burp the two of them together. Stroller

She would push her favorite doll in a doll stroller, sometimes even while I was pushing my son in the baby stroller. When her toy carriage broke, I decided to buy her a new one from Valco Baby, which is where I bought the children’s real strollers. I reasoned that if the toy stroller was made anything like the company’s other products it would last a long time.

My theory proved to be very accurate. The fake one was made with the same care and precision as the real one. The former was modeled after the latter; it included a sunshade and large storage basket in which she kept her own set of toy bottles and snacks.

Frequently, she would forgo the pretend play in favor of riding in the stroller with her brother. The stroller I used could be converted from single seat stroller into a twin stroller with the addition of a toddler seat. This way, when she got tired of walking she could sit beside her brother, hang out with him, and take in the sights, as I pushed both of them along.

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Using a Double Baby Stroller for Our Evening Constitutional

On cool summer evenings, when the breeze is a gentle caress and the setting sun is a warm tickle, I like to strap my fraternal twins into our Valco Baby double baby stroller, and go for a stroll. Although the route we take varies, each path eventually leads us to the beach.  Double Baby Stroller

Our favorite seaside destination is a 15 minute walk from our house. The children love it because it features a small but well-equipped playground. The playground features twin slides and matching baby swings, so that if I am alone with the kids, I can entertain them together.

Sometimes, if they are particularly well-behaved and I am feeling particularly ambitious, I will park the stroller on the boardwalk and take them for a walk in the sand to collect shells. We will dip our toes in the water, and look for treasures that the beach provides. We then collect our loot and put it into the stroller’s storage basket. I like to keep a few items in it at all times, so we have part of the beach with us wherever we go.

In my opinion, summer is way too short a season and I want to maximize every moment of it that I can, both for myself and my children.

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