Jogging Strollers Fun For You And Your Baby!

For a while there I was fairly skeptical about my ability to push my baby in her stroller while I jogged. Her mom was off at work but I did not want to let that ruin my consistent jogging schedule. I was prepping for a charity marathon and simply did not want to let myself go like so many of my old running buddies, due to new fatherhood. The key to making this all work was to invest in a jogging stroller.

As soon as the jogging stroller I ordered arrived I knew both me and our daughter were in for a treat. I would be able to keep up my very healthy and consistent jogging schedule and she would be able to enjoy the rush of moving quickly through the local park. I had some slight nerves about how moving fast might make her feel but in the end it seemed to actually be a lot of fun for her. In a way I suppose it was not dissimilar to me playfully tossing her around as I had become increasingly comfortable and confident doing. The jogging stroller was a really great idea for our family. I even managed to push it around in one of my many charity races!

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